Refund Policy

We are obligated to submit work projects that meet the specific requirements of the customer on time. If we fail to fulfill one or more commitments, according to this refund policy, the customer has the right to request a partial or full refund.


Once you place an order and make the initial payment, we are obligated to provide you with responsible academic services. Until the final project deadline, you can request unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. However, if modification requests after project completion are beyond the initial scope, we may request an additional fee, and work will commence upon payment.


1.Order Cancellation: If we have not assigned a writer to your order or if the writer has been assigned but has not started working, we will refund the amount you have already paid. If the writer has already started and completed some or all of the work, we will refund the corresponding proportion based on the progress made.

您方取消订单 :如果我们还未为您的订单分配作家或者已分配但尚未开始工作,我们将原路退还您已支付的款项;如果作家已经展开部分或全部工作,我们会根据实际工作进度退还相应比例的差额并提供已完成的进度。

2.Order Completion Delay: If we exceed the agreed-upon deadline between both parties, the following scenarios apply: If the school refuses to accept any late submissions, we will provide a full refund. If the school accepts the late submission without additional penalties, we will update the deadline accordingly without changing the price. If the school accepts the late submission with a certain penalty percentage, for example, deducting 5% of the total grade for every 24-hour extension, we will refund the fee based on the deduction proportion.


3.Order Beyond Our Scope: If we discover that your order is beyond the difficulty level or capabilities of our services, we will immediately refund the full amount and inform you of the situation.


4.Plagiarism Concerns: This situation is highly unlikely. Before delivering the final results to the customer, we conduct a formal Turnitin check to ensure the content is highly original.


1.Order Completion Delay Due to Customer Reasons: For example, if the customer fails to provide necessary materials on time, resulting in the project being completed beyond the deadline. In such cases, if the customer agrees to extend the submission deadline, it is not applicable for a refund.


2.Purely Editing Orders: Such as proofreading and polishing work.


3.Simple Writing: For example, when there are no grading criteria or plagiarism requirements, although this situation is extremely rare.


4.Customer’s Unauthorized Modifications: If the customer makes unauthorized changes to the content of the project delivered by DaixieServie, resulting in a failing grade or a score below the agreed-upon level, the customer bears full responsibility.


5.Customer Provides Outline and all Reference Materials: If we strictly follow the outline, ideas, and other resources provided by the customer for writing, and the result is unsatisfactory, the customer bears full responsibility.


6.Urgent Orders of more than 500 words within 12 hours cannot guarantee 100% compliance. Therefore, the customer needs to accept all potential risks.


7.If the customer requests a refund but refuses to provide genuine feedback or uses feedback from another project as a substitute for genuine feedback, we will not issue a refund.


8.If, for some reason, the customer deliberately misrepresents an undergraduate-level project as a high school-level project or a master’s-level project as an undergraduate-level project, leading to the wrong matching of a writer and ultimately unsatisfactory results, the customer bears full responsibility.


9.Refund requests made more than 60 days after the deadline.


10.Other situations that may not meet the refund policy criteria.

If you meet the refund conditions, you need to provide the following materials for our review


1.Official feedback documents or screenshots from the school.


2.Our initial submission and your original files. Please note that the original files


3.If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service, you can provide direct feedback to us.
Refund requests are only valid within 60 days from the date you receive the project results. Requests submitted after 60 days will not be accepted.

4.Refund requests are only valid within 60 days from the date you receive the project results. Requests submitted after 60 days will not be accepted.


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