Service Privacy Policy


The following statement is intended to explain how we handle customers’ personal information.

In non-essential situations, we will not request customers to provide personal information. However, there are exceptions in the following cases:


If the school or the customer requires the use of the school library resources as references, we will request Library Access and use local IP login. If necessary, you will need to assist us with login verification.
1.学校或您本人要求必须使用本校图书馆资源作为参考,我们将请求提供Library Access并使用本地IP登陆,必要时您需要辅助我们通过登入验证

If you request the creation of a Cover Page, we will request relevant personal information such as your name and grade.
2.应您要求制作Cover Page,我们将请求您提供相关的个人信息比如姓名,年级等

When writing a CV or personal statement, we will request personal information related to your experiences or a brief summary of your background.

If you purchase our online course tutoring service and plan to fully rely on us, please provide your Blackboard account information and assist us with login verification if necessary.

If you need us to submit a particular project on your behalf, we will require access to the project submission portal.

If the completion of a project requires resources within your account (such as lectures) that you are unable to download, please provide us with your account information.

Any other situation where it is necessary to access your personal information.

During usage, we will only use the personal information you provide for the purposes specified by you. After the completion of the project, all information and cookies will be immediately deactivated and formatted.

Under no circumstances will your information be sold, exchanged, or transferred to third parties in any form.

This website does not provide a registration or login portal to ensure the complete protection of personal information from hacking.


Under no circumstances will we sell, exchange, or transfer your information to any third party. This includes not disclosing any of your true information to individuals handling the project, and ensuring that any staff who come into contact with your information have signed confidentiality agreements.


We recommend exercising caution in certain situations


Avoid unverified registration websites or other information collection websites.


Refrain from sharing your true personal information and contact details in public online spaces.


Avoid sharing your school-provided personal email address, designated with “,” with others.



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